Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Pastel galaxy mani

I've been dying to try out a galaxy mani for aggggeesss and finally decided to attempt one at the weekend. I particularly like pastel versions, and a quick search brought me to a tutorial posted by The Nailasaurus here. I pretty much followed it to a T using the list of polishes below.

artificial light

I used the following polishes for my 'basic' colours;

  • OPI 'Thanks a Windmillion' (sea foam green) - used as the base
  • Sally Hansen 'Yellow Kitty' (yellow)
  • MUA 'Bold Blue' (blue)
  • Rimmel 'Marshmallow Heaven' (purple)

artificial light
 I then used the following colours for little splashes of shimmer to make it all look more ethereal;

  • OPI 'Not Like The Movies' (shimmery green/silver)
  • OPI 'Play The Peonies' (pale pink pearl)
  • OPI 'Significant Other Colour' (sheer lavendar/yellow duochrome)
natural light, partial shade
 Once that had all dried I dotted on some NYC 'Pinstripe White' to make the stars, and topped with a coat of Seche Vite for strength. Later I then applied two coats of Rimmel 'Matte Finish' to give a matte effect.
Partial shade
 My favourite nail polish in this line up is 'Not Like The Movies' from the January 2011 Katy Perry collection, which is a silvery green and light purple duocrome with some silver microglitter mixed in. Its one of the first few OPI polishes I bought and I haven't even looked at it for at least a year - I'll definitely be using it again in the near future!

all of the polishes together!
What do you think, do you like galaxy manis? When I try this next time I'll vary the pattern across the nails I think, but I'm very pleased with my first attempt!



  1. I loved the Nailasaurus' tutorial too, and yours looks amazing! (oh, and your Blog Your Heart Out Award from ProcrastiNails brought me here, congrats!)

  2. I have an award?! OMG! Thank you on both counts :)